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Welcome to MeisterPrep

Na MeisterPrep, estamos comprometidos em oferecer serviços de logística e atendimento seguro e seguro

We offer international fulfillment services for eCommerce including Amazon, eBay and Shopify

We have built a strong and positive reputation with our cutting-edge knowledge of international logistics and freight forwarding solutions. We’re dedicated to offering the highest level of fulfillment services for startups, companies and B2B shipments.

Our business is based in the USA and we are focused on offering an efficient and reliable logistics services that exceed our client’s expectations. Using our German punctuality and superior customer service we ensure each and every customer gets individual attention and a tailored service to meet their needs.

As part of our commitment to superior logistics and fulfillment services, we ensure complete transparency and excellence in fulfillment services.

We have long-standing partnerships with our clients and we are committed to ensuring all of our services are focused on best practice and privacy and commercially viable data is adhered to at all times.

We aim to be the leader in international and company fulfillment services and continuous ensure our eCommerce fulfillment services are industry leading so our clients are continuously impressed with our inventory and fulfillment solutions.


Nossa visão

At MeisterPrep, our vision is to provide an innovative and reliable industry leader in inventory management and fulfillment services. We use 4PL transport and smart logistics – allowing us to find the best and most economic way to get your goods into the US market

We strive to provide a solution that is fast, safe and focused on excellence. We aim to revolutionize eCommerce fulfillment services that drive our customer’s bottom line.

We understand the critical role we play in our client’s businesses and go above and beyond to ensure we offer a fulfillment service that is suitable for eCommerce companies of all sizes.

Entre em contato conosco hoje para descobrir como podemos ajudá-lo em seus serviços de atendimento e logística.
Oferecemos soluções rápidas, seguras e confiáveis que superarão suas expectativas.


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Our fulfillment facility in NJ is fully operational and we support all Amazon FBA and FBM sellers to assure a continuance in their business with our Fulfillment Services during COVID19. If Amazon has stopped fulfilling your product, contact us TODAY.Read More!