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Your Premier Fulfillment & Logistics Partner

MeisterPrep LLC is your multilingual general service provider in all aspects of logistics concerning Amazon and e-commerce in North America. We offer Amazon inventory account management and fulfillment services for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify plus transportation of goods into the US.


We address all logistics concerns regarding e-commerce across the USA. Thanks to our German roots, we’re focused on efficiency, punctuality, and reliability, which helps us to understand the needs of our clients and communicate with them in their native language. We’re focused on a tailored approach to fulfillment and keeping our clients happy is key to our business.

We’re focused on maximizing efficiencies and go above and beyond to ensure all account management, inventory management, and fulfillment is carried out using best practice techniques. The German culture is renowned for punctuality and attention to detail and MeisterPrep has been founded on this notion of superior fulfillment services.

Driven by cooperative and collaborative partnerships with our clients, we ensure all of our logistics services are carried to the highest of standards using the latest data and technology. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional logistics consulting company that handles shipments, storage, importing, freight forwarding, and a range of other logistics services, you’ve come to the right place.


Fast Transport

We’re dedicated to offering superior company inventory and fulfillment services using innovative shipment, trucking, air freight, and transport methods.

Safe and Reliable

As a leader in international fulfillment, we’re dedicated to offer fulfillment services covering all stages including receiving, unloading, storage and transporting of goods.

24/7 Services

We’re proud to offer a 24/7 logistics and fulfillment service that incorporates inventory management software so you can track and monitor your shipments day or night.


We import shipments to USA

Check the consignments

Re-labeling and forwarding

Send the goods to customers

Track and monitor your goods

Transport to the USA including picking up goods from your production facility


MeisterPrep have warehouses conveniently located in LA and New Jersey and are proud of our extensive network within the local area. Our nationwide service will soon establish hubs to support clients in Brazil (San Paulo) in South America, which is one of the fastest growing economies and 5th largest country globally.

Our warehouses are conveniently located close to transport and ports for fast shipping and fulfillment.

Whether you need air freight, sea or trucking, our location offers an ideal location for logistics and fulfillment services.

Get in Touch with us today to find out how we can assist you in your fulfillment and logistics services. We offer Fast, Safe and Reliable solutions that will exceed your expectations.



Since the beginning I have been very satisfied with everything MeisterPrep has to offer. The handling of my Amazon Account in the United States is working fabulous. The Boys’ Support is straightforward, without charging me for trifles. Returns and Communication in my first language are very important to me! I highly recommend the services of Baris and Ansgar!

Dennis Grätsch

We handle our entire North America Container Import through MeisterPrep and are very pleased with the reliable and professional service in their warehouse, in our case that in LA, due to the geographical proximity to Asia. The best thing about it, everything is communicated in German!

Christoph Schneider

Meisterprep is our reliable partner for import, fulfillment and logistics processing in the USA. Above all, we appreciate the direct and quick cooperation, as well as the fast and competent customer support!

Markus Pfister

Absolutely competitive shipping rates paired with competent and fast communication convinced me of MeisterPrep. We work together exclusively, that should speak for itself!

Manuel Wagner

I can’t say much except, TOP! Unbureaucratic, helpful, splendid communication. Great support, especially since the whole import process into the USA is new territory!

Jan Sapper

The guys do not only know logistics, they also think along, strategy brainstorming in the sense of the customer, essentially there is creative guidance from” locals “inclusive. As well with Amazon from a seller’s point of view, the boys know their way around. Hats off!

Tino Hoffrichter


Our warehouse building is solidly built to provide you with the peace of mind that your inventory is in good hands.

The warehouse structure is fully air-conditioned, monitored 24/7, insured and constructed to remain watertight and dry.

Our fulfillment services and inventorymanagement solutions run regardless of the weather, so yourinventory is turned around and delivered quickly and safely.

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