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Secure storage

Secure storage that is affordable and secure

We understand your eCommerce business needs to ensure storage costs are lean and we offer inventory storage space in our fulfillment center that is tailored to only charge you what you use.

Our team is experienced in logistics and has a deep understanding of fulfillment and work to provide affordable and safe storage for clients for inventory in our US-based warehouses.

Our secure storage area is water tight and constructed to withstand natural disasters so you have the peace of mind your inventory is in safe hands.

Whether you’re looking for secure storage in the East, South East or West Coast of the US, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Using innovative inventory management software we assist our client’s with their fulfillment and inventory needs providing instant 24/7 access to inventory reports plus access to a responsive team of fulfillment experts.

If you’re looking for complete transparency and secure storage in the US for your inventory speak with the team from MeisterPrep today.

Get in Touch with us today to find out how we can assist you in your fulfillment and logistics services. We offer Fast, Safe and Reliable solutions that will exceed your expectations.


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