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At MeisterPrep, our people make the difference

With extensive experience in the logistics industry, our team is constantly refining our processes to ensure we are providing the very best fulfillment service to our customers across the globe.

With offices across South America, USA and Europe, our fulfillment solutions are tailored to meet the needs of eCommerce companies, in particular, those using Amazon, Shopify and eBay.

Using state of the art software to monitor inventory and provide transparency for each and every shipment, MeisterPrep is focused on providing quick turnaround for all fulfillment orders.

Get in Touch with us today to find out how we can assist you in your fulfillment and logistics services. We offer Fast, Safe and Reliable solutions that will exceed your expectations.


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Our fulfillment facility in NJ is fully operational and we support all Amazon FBA and FBM sellers to assure a continuance in their business with our Fulfillment Services during COVID19. If Amazon has stopped fulfilling your product, contact us TODAY.Read More!